• The Best Beauty Services

    We begin the treatment with a specialist diagnosis and an honest appraisal of the health of your complexion. A cleanse, exfoliation and steam, Evania facial and neck massage and mask will follow promoting a deep level of relaxation and revitalised skin.

  • Hair Removal

    White Shower & Lose Weight

  • Special Care Solutions

    Discover your skin’s true potential as we target specific concerns with customised, concentrated extracts infused with the aid of thermal and cooling lift-off masks. A spectacular spa facial providing instant visible results.

  • Massage Body

    Exclusively Evania, this superb therapy of Aroma, Vietnam and Evania massage is tailored to the concerns of your body.

  • The balance between Body and Soul

    Maintaining a balance of the body, and soul is necessary to live a happy and fulfilled life. The two are interconnected and a weakness or imbalance in one of these aspects is crippling to the other. Come and enjoy Evania experience to get this Balance after a hard working-week.

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